Concordia Parish Hazard Mitigation

Under the Louisiana Planning Pilot Grant Program (LPPGP), HDCA, along with Bryant Hammett & Associates, LLC, provided hazard mitigation planning services resulting in an update to the Action Plan contained within the Parish’s existing Hazard Mitigation Plan. HDCA personnel compiled a project scoping summary report including projects to be included in the amended plan. The following priority projects were identified as projects to be scoped and incorporated via amendment to the Concordia Parish Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan:

1. Vidalia Fire Station Hardening
2. Lake St. John Gates / Weir
3. Vidalia Police Station Hardening
4. Monterey Fire Station Hardening
5. Concordia Fire District No. 2 Hardening
6. Ferriday Police Station Hardening
7. Riverland Medical Center Hardening
8. Ridgecrest Drainage Improvements

A feasibility study of each project to be scoped was conducted. After feasible projects were identified, they were scoped. This task included site visits, identification of Hazard Mitigation Measures, and a Benefit-Cost Analysis of each potential project to determine its potential eligibility under the HMGP program.

Following the approval of project scopes of work, an Amendment of the Hazard Mitigation Plan was drafted and adopted.