Yscloskey Ice House

The Yscloskey Ice House project will consist of redevelopment and construction of the existing site to meet current standards and requirements of federal flood insurance policies. First, the existing reinforced concrete structure and all equipment within will be demolished and disposed of, with the exception of the foundation, which will be used for the renovated facility. In order to conform to regulations of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) the facility will be elevated approximately 16 feet to ensure that the new facility would be above base flood elevation. To accomplish this, a 12” thick pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete slab will be erected atop 16” diameter cast-in place reinforced concrete columns. The proposed project will require 3 rows of 6 columns per row.
The elevated slab will serve as a foundation for a new pre-engineered, pre-cast concrete building which will serve as a new ice house. The 30’x60’ building (same size as previous) will provide storage for 300,000 pounds of flaked ice as the previous facility. Ice will be stored to a maximum depth of 5 feet in a 34’x30’ “ice box” room, with a 26’x30’ room used for equipment storage. The new concrete structure, chosen in favor of pre-engineered steel due to its insulation properties, will have exterior “sandwich” walls with an insulation factor (R-value) of 26. The ceiling of the pre-cast facility will have a spray-on polyurethane closed cell insulation. Access to the new ice house will be facilitated by the installation of an anodized aluminum landing and staircase. The ice house will be equipped a “flaked-ice” machine capable of producing 25 tons of ice daily. In order to facilitate delivery of the ice to trucks or fork-lifts below, a steel chute system will be installed at one end of the new facility. New electrical distribution and control systems will also be included in the new facility. The new facility will include new parking and driveway areas as well as general site work including clean-up, fill, and dress.

The project is expected to cost $1.1 million to construct and will be funded by Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) funds.